Father‘s guitar '06

On 4th of June everybody came to the first rock and live music festival “Father’s guitar” in ROCK’iškis. The initiators of this project – live music band Paradox, decided to come back to the past, when here in Rokiškis were even 12 live music bands. In the first festival “Fathers guitar” played even generations of musicians from all Lithuania. The young musicians with big respect to their progenitors performed their famous songs. The festival was dedicated to commemorate the Father’s day. FG’06 played: Nenuoramos, Gysliukai, Viražas, Paradox, Saint Oil Sand, Funny Rot, Kontaktai, Laiptai, The Skys, Fata Morgana.



Father‘s guitar '07


In 2007 the second live music festival “Father’s guitar”, took place where the first “father’s guitar traditions were kept. During the concert rock and live music, was played and performed the famous old rock songs. 5 bands from Lithuania and Latvia played here. It was the second year, when the live music band “Nenuoramos“ from Pasvalys started the show. Here played even 3 bands from Rokiškis Viražas, Pievos, Paradox. The “Father’s guitar” 2007 ended live music band from Latvia Dabasu Durovys.



Father‘s guitar '08


2008 was already the third year, when to father’s day dedicated live music festival “Father’s guitar” made ROCK’iškis the capital of rock and live music. The festival was held in Rokiškis culture centre, witch was full of live music fans. In “Father’s guitar”2008 performed7 bands from all Lithuania: „Paradox“, „Penktokai“, ”Pievos“, „Baubas“ (from Panevėžys) „Night“, “the skys“(Vilnius). The festival ended with a wonderful show of a famous band „Laiptai“, witch is playing live music for more then 30 years.











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