“We are not competitive, we don’t have any conditions for the strong local music market, and people in Lithuania want only easy “digestible” music style. In general we are not interesting to any foreign country.” – We often hearing it from the managers, events organizers, publishers and from radio directors. Unambitious opinions like this caused that the biggest attention was concentrated not into farsightedness innovations, but into solving short term problems and for the keeping of a status quo. Really interesting music should wait for the happy hour, hide into underground or search for the listeners in other countries. We young music fanatics, organizing the youth exchange “Fathers guitar” because we want that this complex of inadequacy will give place to sane narcissism, creativeness. By the help of this project we want to prove that old well known Lithuanian songs may be immortal and compete with well known world’s songs. We want to show for youth how beauty and unique is music from different countries and cultures. From the May 29th till the 7th of June 42 young people from Italy (2 groups), Poland, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey and Lithuania will meet in Rokiškis and together will try to change these old creeds. While organizing the final event all participants will improve their organizational skills, will get inspiration from the trainers and teach one each other. Also they improve their skills in English, communicative, musicianship and also their main moral valuables. All these things will be achieved by using a non-formal education. We hope that all participants of the project at the end of the project will say that: “national music is the country’s treasure” .



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