The first “Father’s guitar” festival was something, what I have never seen in Rokiškis before. This type of festival has long been needed. We had a lot of fun with Birute, leaders and paradox while we were writing the project, for the paradox generally it was the first project and a great experience, how we can do this and what are the responsibilities. Also I had great memories from records in Šiauliai, there we had a great chance to test our band and to see not only what we could play, but how we could do this, because the quality of the record depends on this. It is very pity that the weather during the festival was not very good, but we were surprised that there were still enough viewers. However it was a very big plus that the event was held outdoors, because there you can listen to different kind of music, you can move, dance, and make a fun (and you did not think about the weather anymore). It was also very pleased that in the time of the festival met with other bands and with some of them we still have great relationships.

Andrius Saliamonas




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