Father’ s guitar‘09

 Rokiškis Youth organizations union “Round table” is starting the international youth exchange project “Father’s guitar”. The aim of the project is to show the beauty of old Lithuanian music and improve that it can rival with famous covers. At the time of the project young people from Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey, Poland and Italy will get known with different countries cultures and with the beauty of their music. In 2009 from 30th of May till 8th of June young people from six countries will meet in Rokiškis, where at the time of musical workshops all together will arrange Lithuanian songs and record the CD. The all project will end with a big rock and live music festival here in Rokiškis. The participants of the youth exchange will play together arranged Lithuanian song in new sound, also live music bands and performers from all Lithuania will play there.


Father’s guitar APV

 On 29th of January the organizers of international youth exchange project „Father’s guitar” For the first time met their partners from Turkey, Poland, Latvia, Portugal and Italy. At the time of the visit young people talked about organizing things, presented the aim and idea of the project. Guests had chance to know the beauty of Lithuania. In the first evening they went to the night excursion to Rokiškis. On the second day all of us tried to sing in the Lithuanian language, and that what we heard was really great. In the evening, singing Lithuanian songs we went to admire nature of the Lithuania winter by the wonderful lake of Sartai. In the last day we said “goodbye” to enchanter with a big wish to relive our parents sang songs for a new sound and waiting for the youth exchange.



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